Lorna & Scott - A wedding for the kids!!

In years gone by first came marriage, then came babies but in 2017 that is no longer always the case.  As more and more couples are getting married later in life, quite often now either the bride or the groom have children from previous relationships or already have children together.  There then comes a question on what kind of wedding you have when you have children involved.  This was a question Lorna and Scott thought about in detail when planning there wedding.  Between them they had 3 children to think about.  Lorna's daughter Mollie who was 8 and Sonny and Louis who were 18 months and 2.  When there are 3 children to think about its no longer just about who will watch them, its about how involved they will be and how can they enjoy it too.  Lorna and Scott chose Dunglass Estate for their big day, as not only did it have its own beautiful old ruin church but the whole house and surrounding cottages could be hired at the one time. Lorna and Scott kept there wedding plans hidden until the day before their big day and then surprised their guests by sending out texts about where to drive too. On the day the wonderful hair and make up artists didn't just tend to Lorna and her flower girl Mollie, but many of the guests too.  On the day of the wedding i could see how much Lorna and Scotts family adored not only them but their beautiful children too.  On the morning of the wedding I watched as grandparents acted like grandparents playing games and spending time with the children.  I watched as Lorna got her beautiful children ready  and as aunties and uncles danced and played with the children. it really felt as though the day was as much about them as it was Lorna and Scott.  Guests gasped at the the beauty of watching Lorna walked down the aisle by her three children and as Mollie said her reading, the boys were having a blast playing and running in and around the church with no tuts or looks of disdain in anyones faces just joy and laughter was felt and heard in and during the ceremony. The had a wonderful humanist in Penny Earle, and Lorna and Scott wrote and said their own vows, even I had trouble keeping my emotions in check.  During the ceremony Lorna and Scott took a step back after their vows to allow Lornas dad to surprise his wife of 37 years by renewing their vows as family looked on, again this just felt like perfect timing and a wonderful way for family to come together at the one time. After the ceremony, guests mingled and laughter was heard throughout the stunning house, guests played tig with children, bubbles were being blown and the relaxed atmosphere was one of the most enjoyable I had ever had the pleasure of photographing. The wonderful food was provided by Hickory food  and as there was no formal table plan, guests were allowed to sit wherever they wanted.  There was also no top table and this just made the gathering feel consistent with the whole day.  The day was about friends and family coming together, sharing stories and jokes. To celebrate the day, the wonderful Mollie sang a song for her mum, one that she wrote and performed. And as the guests partied the night away the children were having just as much fun before it was time for bed upstairs in the house they all shared.  If you have children and you want them to be really present and involved in your day, this is definitely the way to do it.


Venue Dunglass Estate

Designed by Lorna and made by "That Special Day"

Flowers done by Lorna herself

Hair Cheryl Bowes from Myka

Makeup Inspire Beauty

Scotts suit Moss Bros

Sonny & Louey's suits from Occasionwear for Kids

Mollie's Dress To Be Wed

Rings Ian Gallagher

Caterers Hickory Food

Cake 3D Cakes

Humanist Penny Earle from Humanist Society Scotland

Message in a Bottle Sign  Purple Scrunch

Bottle/ Box Occasion Supplies

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