Engagement Shoots are one of this things that people don't really understand why they need one when they are planning there wedding.  Although I never pressure anyone to do anything they aren't comfortable with I tell people its a way to spend a bit of time with just me before the wedding to find out how I work and for me to see how you photograph.  Not on terms of what it looks like in a photograph, but how you interact with each other.  It gives me a chance to see, what make s you comfortable and what doesn't.  It gives me a gauge on how much posing and how much natural images to shoot  In an ideal world, I would always do fully reportage work at weddings but the reality is some people are just not comfortable at all in front of a camera, and even shooting reportage you can see nothing but awkwardness. 

For some people their wedding day is the most centre stage they have ever been in their life and they book a photographer not really knowing what to expect.  Having an engagement shoot allows you to really think about what you want to do and have at your wedding.  Are you set or certain shots/images, do you want to be photographed more when you aren't looking.  Do you really want to be posed as you need reassurance about what you are doing? Theres so many options available and you may feel after your engagement shoot that you didn't really know what you wanted but now you do.  

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